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The 8th International Central Asian Conference and Exhibition
"The Cement Industry & the Market"

19 - 21 October 2008
Baku, Azerbaijan, Hyatt Hotels Baku

BusinessCem Baku 2008

19 — 21 October 2008
Baku, Azerbaijan, Hyatt Hotels Baku

The company «BusinessCem» (Russia) and the OJSC «Garadagh Cement» (Azerbaijan) are the organisers of the BusinessCem Baku 2008.

The Conference will be held with support and participation of the Union of cement producers of Russia.

Azerbaijan today is on the way to the postindustrial epoch. For the last years the huge rise of housing construction took place. Necessity for creating oh new production capacities, upgrading and reconstruction has matured. The stable rise of Azerbaijan economy guarantees the security of investments and is the stimulus for new offers of foreign partners.

The main theme of the Conference will be strategic and technical developments in cement manufacture of CIS countries and New Europe.

BusinessCem Baku 2008 will discuss a present situation in the cement industry of Azerbaijan, Russia and CIS countries and consider the following topics:
  • state and tendencies of cement and building materials markets;
  • main investments trends in modern economic situation;
  • modernisation, reconstruction and construction of cement enterprises;
  • new technologies and equipment for cement and related products (ready mix, concrete, etc.);
  • technologies and equipment for output, production and transportation of raw materials;
  • import of cement ;
  • modern requirements to certification and quality. Equipment and methods;
  • logistics of cement supplies and construction materials;
  • energy saving. Transfer to alternative types of fuel;
  • use of waste products, ecological safety production.
Exhibition space and Hospitality Suites will be available during the Conference.

For more information please contact Conference Secretary:

PO Box 96, 127434, Moscow, Russia.
Tel.:+7 (499) 977 4495
Fax: +7 (499) 977 4968
E-mail: valev@businesscem.msk.ru
Internet: www.businesscem.ru