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XXI International Conference and the Exhibition
"The Cement Industry & the Market"

12 - 15 December 2011

Welcome to BusinessCem Prague 2011!

The company «BusinessCem» (Russia) and the company «Bulk System Technology» (Czech Republic) has pleasure to inform you that the 21st International Conference and the Exhibition «The Cement Industry & the Market» — BusinessCem Prague 2011 will be held in Prague (Czech Republic) from 12 to 15 December 2011 in the comfortable «Clarion Congress Hotel Prague».

The Conference will be held with support and participation of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Czech Republic, the Chamber of Commerce of Czech Republic, the Czech Cement Association, the Union of cement producers of Russia.

Contemporary Czech Republic is a high developed industrial country with a complex economy. It has a reputation not only of large industrial volumes but also of a high quality of its production. The construction industry constitutes 15% of a total industry volume. The main directions of Czech construction are commerce and industrial construction, housing, roads and hydraulic construction. For the last year the positive trend to increasing of the volumes of building, cement consumption and other building materials.

The most well-known object of construction now is in Brno. AZ Tower will be 111 meters high, that is two meters higher than Prague City Tower . It will ready in June 2013.

The specialized Exhibition and a Round table on the topic: «European experience in use of alternative types of fuels» will be held during the Conference.

Besides you have a unique possibility to visit Prague — a city with ancient history, which is called «a heart of Europe». In 1992 the historical centre of Prague was included into the list of UNESCO World Heritage. The capital of Czech Republic affects by its wonderful beauty: several epochs are reflected here in architecture of buildings and monuments. Walking through the winter streets of Prague will give you a feeling that you are in December fairy tale before the Christmas.

I look forward to meeting you in Prague!