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28th International Conference and the Exhibition
"The Cement Industry & the Market"

24 - 26 April 2017
Moscow, Russia, President Hotel


The main theme of the forum will be the discussion of the tendencies of the development of cement and construction industries of Russia, CIS countries, and also the application of European and world experience in the sphere of energy saving and environment care.

BusinessCem Moscow 2017 observe and consider the following questions:

— state and tendencies of construction market. Analysis of cement market and construction materials;
— main investments trends in modern economic situation;
— modernization, reconstruction and construction of cement enterprises;
— new technologies and equipment for cement and related products (ready mix, concrete, sand, etc.);
— technologies and equipment for output, production and transportation of raw materials;
— import/export of cement;
— modern requirements to certification. Equipment and methods;
— logistics of cement supplies and construction materials. Packing, handling;
— energy saving. Transfer to alternative types of fuel;
— use of waste products, ecological safety production;
— new construction technologies and materials for oil and gas industry;
— cement production — the impact on the environment, CO2 emissions standards;
— construction of infrastructure objects, highways, tunnels, and roads;
— training of personnel for construction and cement industry.

Presidents, directors, leading specialists of enterprises and organisations, holding companies from Russia, CIS countries, number of foreign companies will take part in the conference. These are representatives of federal, regional and local authorities, industry, business and science.