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BusinessCem 2017 Tashkent

15th Anniversary International Central Asia Conference and Exhibition
"The Cement Industry & the Market"

20 - 23 November 2017
Tashkent, Uzbekistan, International Hotel Tashkent


The Exhibition will be organized during the Conference.

The Exhibition will take place in a Foyer of the "Crystal Ballroom".

Video-translation will be provided from the Conference Hall.

Exhibition fee for 1 equipped sq.m. — EUR 380.00 / USD 420.00
Minimum standard booth — 4 sq.m..

Booths are of the following sizes: 2m x 2m; 2m x 3m; 2m x 4m; 2m x 5m; 3m x 3m.

Standard equipped stand:
1. Floor carpet
2. Wall panels
3. A table for information
4. A table and chairs
5. Frieze inscription
6. Electricity and lamps SPOT

Construction of exhibition stands and equipment — 20th November 2017 (from 02.00 p.m.)

Floor plan general

Placing of additional advertising in the Foyer of the Conference Hall (advertising boards, flags, spheres, etc.) should be done according to additional rates.

Additional advertising place and equipment:
Placing of information stand (poster) EUR 150.00
Placing of advertising materials EUR 100.00
Placing of a banner EUR 280.00

Placing and distribution of advertisement materials is not allowed without accordance with Conference Secretary.