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International Conference and Exhibition
"The Cement Industry & the Market"

22 - 24 June 2009
Krakow, Poland

The International Conference & Exhibition
«The Cement Industry and the Market»
BusinessCem Krakow 2009

Plans and prospects of development of the cement industry become main theme of the Conference.
BusinessCem Krakow 2009 will discuss the following questions:
  • The cement industry of Poland, Ukraine, Russia, the CIS and EU countries;
  • Conditions and development trends of the markets of construction materials;
  • Investment directions in modern economic circumstances;
  • Modernisation and building of the cement enterprises;
  • Innovative technologies in the cement industry;
  • Technology and the equipment of extraction, working out of open-cast mines and raw materials transportation;
  • The without waste, ecologically safe productions, alternative kinds of fuel;
  • New standards of a labour protection in the cement industry;
  • Cement production — influence on environment, norms of emissions СО2;
  • Cement export/import;
  • Logistics of deliveries cement and construction materials.

Within the Conference the specialised Exhibition will be held.

Besides to be presented to you unique possibility to see Krakow with centuries-old history; a city, with which inseparably linked history of Poland as the states; a city which by right is cultural capital of Poland; to walk on narrow streets of the Old City, to bypass its huge Market square, to visit ancient churches, to see the Royal castle, to dream over Vistula, to look at a city from height of its barrows; to see main sight of Velichki — hydrochloric save, which history totals more than 700 years, one of the most well-known in Europe and put into the list of a world heritage of UNESCO. It is the whole underground city at nine levels. Underground chambers and the huge halls connected by long transitions, decorated with sculptures and bas-reliefs from salt. These are underground lakes and unique chapels. In one of the finest halls on June, 24th will be held final banquet BusinessCem Krakow 2009. Such you precisely anywhere any more will not see! Many Poles on a question, what basic Polish sights it is possible to see in Poland for 2 days, name Krakow and Velichku.

Welcome to Krakow on the first international BusinessCem in Poland!

For reception of the detailed information address to Conference Secretary.

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